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VK Infotech provides website designs that speak to our clients' audiences. Our designing team is creative, innovative, skilled and experienced and we have designs hundreds of static and Flash based websites that have added value to our clients' business proposition.

We understand the basic purpose of a website, what it should convey and repreesent for a business or an individual. The concept, colors, layout, and the whole thought process is based on our integrated process which begins with understanding your requirements, and your business objectives.

Technically, we understand Web 2.0, SEO, standards compliance, and the designs that are optimized in every sense. Our team boasts of experts in Flash and actionscripting, graphics design tools, 3D animation and modeling software and this combination helps us to deliver quality designs that are unique, professional and meet your exact business requirements.

Our design practices are flexible, depending on your budget and project timeline. We are capable of delivering in as short as few hours, to planning comprehensive models that span across months. Of course, budget, timeline, objective, audience and technology are some of the factors that determine our process and practices.

Contact us to apprise us of your requirements and our consultant will contact you back to discuss your requirements, and how exactly we can mutually work in your interest.

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Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with some of the prized interna- tional groups and compa- nies.

Our ethical approach and professional services have enabled us to satisfy our clients and get their applause